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Dr. Benojir – Your Guide to Holistic Health!

Trained by the world’s best Homeopath Prof. George Vithoulkas (Alternate Nobel, 1996) at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece & eminent Indian Homeopath Farokh J Master, MD, PhD, Dr. Benojir is practicing classical Homeopathy ONLINE & from his 2 chambers at Farmgate and Savar. To see the homeopaths trained by Prof. Vithoulkas CLICK here. For any query or Appointment WhatsApp (01733797252). Click here to see the CONTACT

Dr. Benojir is working as the Director of the “Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre”, the apex training center in the public sector in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Classical Homeopathy with Dr. Benojir?

  1. Holistic Approach: Beyond symptoms, we address root causes – restoring balance on physical, emotional, and mental levels.
  2. Personalized Care: Unique case-taking strategies guide precise, high-potency remedies.
  3. Proven Effectiveness: Evidence-based & science-backed healing with a rich history of success.
  4. Gentle Touch: Natural remedies promote self-healing without harsh side effects.
  5. Beyond Acute Relief: From colds to chronic conditions, our expertise covers it all.


  • Online Consultations: Personalized care from home.
  • In-clinic Appointments: Warm chambers at Savar and Farmgate.
  • Lifestyle Guidance: Holistic counseling for well-being.
  • Vithoulkas Compass Software: Precision remedy selection.

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Please Note:

  • Homeopathy is more than symptom relief—it’s total wellness.
  • Individualized care for your unique needs.
  • Mind-emotion-body health fuels true recovery.
  • Dr. Benojir’s expertise guides your journey.

Embrace natural healing—take the first step today!

Embrace the natural healing power of classical homeopathy. Take the first step towards vibrant health today.