Nothing wrong with you: When an Allopathic doctor finds all the lab test reports of patients normal then he comments “Nothing wrong with you”. This he because he always deals with objective symptoms prepared in the laboratory and ignore what patients really want to say. The patients’ feelings are the subjective symptoms which has immense value in Homeopathy.

Sir William Milligen, M.D. Said, “The early stages of diseases are often insidious, its symptoms mainly subjective and its diagnosis difficult from the absence of gross pathological changes. These early changes are, however, just the stages where the physician has the best chance of curing his patient and of nipping the disease in the bud”.

Sir James McKenzie explains in Symptoms And Their Interpretations, “The early stages of disease are, as a rule, insidious and are indicated mainly by the subjective sensation”. He further points out that the sensations experienced by the patient are more valuable than the signs perceived by even a trained physician.

It is here that the Homeopath scores. In being able to utilize the subjective symptoms, he saves the patient from more serious illness.

Allopathic physicians find one class of patients particularly distressing, those with plenty of subjective symptoms but on doing laboratory tests the pronouncement is, “Nothing wrong detected”. Dr. Elizabeth Wright Hubbard M.D., a renowned homeopath in America, remembers one such patient who said, “Well doctor, as per your statement- I may be perfectly well, but I know I am sick”. Here the allopath finds himself at a loss. The Homeopath welcomes such cases and treats them often with amazing results.

Dr. S.R. Phatak, M.B.B.S., the master of Homeopathy once recalled how he was converted to Homeopathy. He was a practicing allopath when once he came across a Homeopathic Materia Medica. He brought it and kept it aside. One day he was consulted by a patient who had no other trouble except a feeling that ice has been placed between the shoulder blades. He had consulted many doctors for this peculiar coldness, but no one could find out what it was due to. Dr. Phatak decided to give a trial to Homeopathy. So he opened the Homeopathic Materia Medica and started reading the various drugs. To his surprise under the drug Ammon-mur, he found the exact symptom: Feeling of icy coldness between scapulae. So he prescribed the drug with little hope and promptly forgot about the case.

Imagine his surprise when after a week the patient came back ‘all smiles’, and said after a few doses the sensation had completely vanished. This started Dr. Phatak on Homeopathy.

Now I am citing an example from my cases. The patient visited me with a peculiar feeling of heat in the back especially over the right shoulder blade. He, too, had consulted many specialists and done the requisite investigations but the diagnosis “Nothing wrong with you”. This patient remarked that the trouble has started after an attack of jaundice. These and other symptoms were looked up in the repertory and the medicine Chelidonium Majus was indicated. The patient was given a few doses and was cured within a couple of days. What a beautiful cure!!!

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