Treatment of IBS

A woman of 43 visited us for her IBS. We took the case in detail. She had the following physical-mental and general symptoms:

  1. Intolerant of contradiction
  2. Fear of animals
  3. Fear in a crowd
  4. Fear of high places
  5. Fear in narrow places
  6. Face expression stupid
  7. Nausea on motion
  8. Thriftless
  9. Abdomen pain before menses
  10. Diarrhoea at the beginning of menses
  11. Bladder calculi
  12. Polypus in the uterus
  13. Pain in mammae (breast) before menses
  14. Dreams nightmares
  15. Warm bathing ameliorates
  16. Eating after aggravates
  17. Bread aggravates
  18. Bread and butter desire
  19. Cheese desire
  20. Desire soft boiled eggs
  21. Meat aggravates
  22. Sweets aggravate

After the case analysis, she was given Calcarea Carbonica which covers 15 of 22 symptoms. It may be noted that the total set of symptoms is different than any medicine that can be prescribed to cure IBS.