Pregnancy-related symptoms & their cure!

There may be so many types of symptoms during pregnancy. The most important symptoms are highlighted below. Homeopath always treats the patient; not the disease. Homeopathic treatment is 100% safe during pregnancy.


The most common symptom of pregnancy is nausea. The patient can feel it at any specific hours, morning, evening, or night. It can be for a specific food. The smell of food, looking at or thought of food, even during drinking or eating can bring nausea.

There may be nausea while lying, or lying in a specific position.

The modalities: vomiting can ameliorate or not ameliorate. Warm/cold drinks also ameliorate or aggravate.

The patient with nausea can feel emptiness in the stomach (hungry feeling, faintness).

Mental: In the mental area there may have depression, weeping even hysteria etc.


Aetiology: haemorrhage can take place, especially from exertion, excitement, vexation, fright, retained placenta, subinvolution, labour, passing hard stools etc..

Characteristic: Hemorrhages can be painless, active, passive, etc.

Consistency: Hemorrhages can be thick, stringy, thin-fluid, watery, clots, etc.

Flow: intermittent, gushing, paroxysms, profuse etc.

Colour: dark, bright red, coagulated, etc.

Odour: offensive, etc.

Modalities: lying on the back, motion, walking, etc.

Sexual desire:

The desire may be diminished, increased, or violent. Sometimes there may have aversion to coition etc.


Characteristics: It can be profuse, and scanty.

Odour: offensive, putrid, etc.

Nature: excoriating, bland, burning, etc.

Consistency: cream-like, stringy, thick, thin, purulent, jelly-like, lumpy, like boiled starch  

Colour: albuminous, transparent, greenish, white, milky, flesh-coloured, yellow, dark, etc.

Modalities: sitting, standing, after stool, sexual excitement, exercise, etc.

Urinary: urging to urinate, involuntary urination, urine albuminous

Gastrointestinal: There may have diarrhoea, and constipation. food desires/aversions, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, heartburn, eructations, salivation, unusual mouth taste, etc.

Varicose veins: lower limbs, leg, general, etc.

Cough: the cough symptoms can be of any type but we need specific symptoms.

Headache/Faintness/weakness/convulsions: any of the complaints must have specific symptoms with clear modalities.

So overall symptoms are the main thing to prescribe the right medicine and cure the patient.