Extremities-pain-lower limbs-sciatica

Back-pain-lumbar region


Injury, anger, vexation, taking cold, sexual excesses, etc.


Nature: stitching, aching, burning, electric shock, etc.

Extension: thighs, leg, sole, upwards, etc.


Motion(agg./amel): walking, standing, stooping, beginning of motion, rising from a seat, gentle motion, deep seat, lifting, turning, straightening up the back, bending etc.

Jar: jar, stepping on, misstep, breathing, sneezing, coughing, laughing, etc.

Touch/Pressure(agg./amel): rubbing,hard, etc.

Applications(agg./amel): warm, cold, etc.

Weather (agg./amel):  warm, cold, damp, change of, etc.

Numbness: extension, alternating with, time/position modalities, etc.

Position(agg./amel):  sitting, lying on the painful side, lying on something hard, lying while lying amel., etc.

Time: specific hours, day, morning, on waking, noon, afternoon, evening, night in bed, during sleep, etc.


Irritability, thirst, menses, etc.