Cost of Treatment

Acute patient

Acute diseases are most of the time very recent suffering of the patients. Some examples of acute diseases are acute asthma attacks, cough, bronchitis, burns, common cold/ hay fever, flu, acute heart diseases, pneumonia, strep throat, measles, diarrhoea, food poisoning and acute tonsilitis. During case taking and analysis, these diseases take less time. Because this condition most of the time has not entered complex phases. The fees for these kinds of patients is between 500-1000 taka per consultation.

Chronic patient

A patient can suffer from a chronic disease for a long. Examples of chronic diseases are- chronic heart diseases, hypertension, cancer, stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, diseases related to injuries/trauma, diabetes, Alzheimer’s,  chronic kidney diseases, septicemia, IBS, fatty liver, hepatitis, piles, migraine, cyst/tumour, chronic tonsillitis, dementia, depression, bipolar disorder including anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychotic disorder including schizophrenia, eating disorder, personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, sterility,  skin diseases like psoriasis. It may take 30 minutes or more to take the case. Case analysis may take more time. That’s why patients suffering from these kinds of ailments need special attention and time. The fees for them are between 1500-and 2000 for the first consultation. We discount 500 taka in the follow-up consultations. The cost covers the doctor’s fee and medicine for one month and courier (if needed). Chronic patients must visit the doctor physically at least for the first consultation.