Treatment Procedure

Dr. Benojir

Dr. Benojir at Rabeya Homeo Hall is treating all types of acute and chronic diseases. Contact us to confirm appointment

We provide consultation to patients in-person and online.

For both in-person and online consultations patients need to take an appointment by phone or via WhatsApp (+8801733797252).

Presently we are providing in-person consultation from 2 chambers located at Savar and Nilkhet, Newmarket Dhaka.

How to Consult ONLINE?

  1. Take an appointment over the phone/WhatsApp (+8801733797252), 2. Dr. will talk to the patient & collect whole symptoms, and reports (if any), 3. Dr Analyze the case by online software, 4. Prescription made 5. Payment by bKash, 6. Medicine will be sent by courier.

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