You may be asking why I chose to pursue another career in medicine with a specific interest in homeopathy. The answer is:

At 16 years old I was diagnosed with chronic diarrhoea and cold allergy along with some skin problems. The physical symptoms of such a condition became the curse and embarrassment of my life. I spent almost a decade applying steroids, cortisone and other hard drugs. Over a period of time, I realized that conventional medicine was unable to provide a long-term benefit and I was also concerned about the side effects of my treatment. At that time I started studying homeopathic medicine and obviously, homeopathy was the best choice. As a patient, I personally witnessed the permanent benefits offered by homeopathy and I have never looked back. Gone are the days of frequent hospital appointments, the side effects of my treatments and the discomfort of my physical symptoms.

My homeopathic studies made me aware of the many benefits that homeopathy can offer for a vast number of medical conditions without it being a ‘last resort’. The increasing awareness and acceptance of homeopathy amongst the general public provided a favourable time for my thinking of a medical career. Furthermore and more importantly, it was an ideal career change for me as it allows me to maintain patient contact.

By drbenojirbd

Dr. Benojir is Director at Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center. He is practicing Classing Homeopathy. He is trained by the world's best Homeopath Prof. George Vithoulkas and eminent Indian Homeopath Farokh J Master, MD, PhD. Dr. Benojir is practicing classical homeopathy since last 25 years. He consult patient in-person and online.

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