Mind-grief-ailments from
Mind-suicidal disposition


Disappointed love, mortification, mourning, failure in business, etc.


Time: specific hour, on waking, morning, evening, night, sunset, sunrise, etc.

Consolation (agg./amel.): desire, aversion

Company (agg./amel.): aversion, desire, alone (agg./amel.), etc.

Menses: before, during, after


Expression: silent grief, weeps easily, cannot weep, sighing, etc.

Mood swings: sadness alternating with cheerfulness, irritability, etc.

Mental functions: dullness, lack of concentration, weakness of memory, etc.

Indifference: to loved ones, pleasure, everything, etc.

Music (agg./amel.): desires sad music, sensitive to music, etc.

Suicidal disposition: thoughts, of shooting, jumping (impulse to), hanging, knife, etc. 


Chest oppression, lump in the throat, etc.


Sleepiness, spasmodic yawning, jerking of extremities on falling asleep, weeping, talking, shouting in sleep, etc.
Sleeplessness: grief from, thoughts from, waking after, waking frequent (specific time), dwelling on past disagreeable occurrences, etc.

Dreams: frightful, anxious, sad, etc.

Foods(des./avers.): salt, fruits, sweets, etc.

Sexual desire: diminished, increased, violent etc.


Hair falling, leucorrhea, constipation, weakness etc. 

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